My Top 5 Locally Translated Japanese Opening Songs

If you’re a 90’s kid, you probably grew up with anime and tokusatsu series with Filipino version opening songs. It’s such a shame that local TV stations don’t do that anymore. I mean, I totally love JPOP and JROCK songs, but there’s a certain charm in translating the songs in our native language (if done right or at the very least, entertaining way). To be honest, I wanted to post more than my top five, but the sources are scarce. Not too surprising since back then, we record TV shows through VHS tapes, and it’s not that common. Furthermore, it will take some effort to convert that recorded video into digital format. Anyway, here’s my list!

Magic Knight Rayearth


Dragon Ball



Ugh, I wish I could find more videos like Thunder Jet and The Musketeers. I was supposed to add Julio at Julia, but after verifying, it’s not a Japanese anime. How about you guys? Which localized opening song is your favorite? (~^_^)~