My Work Music

There are times when you have to be “in the zone” , but your focus is just too rebellious to stay in one place. In such cases, a good music can help us create a barrier from the outside world, set our pace, and push ourselves back on  what we’re suppose to do. Here are some of my sample work music to keep me pumped in my tasks XD.

Sad Run – City Hunter OST

This song only lasts for one minute and 42 seconds, but that length is enough to give me the productivity rush I need. By the way, the Korean version of City Hunter also knows how to program, so it adds to the immersion. Okay LMH fangirls, no need to complain, I’m only immersing myself to the character and not the actor :P.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Main Theme

Skyrim fans will all agree that this main theme is one of the reasons that makes Skyrim a great game (among other things).  The song is geared towards  the epic theme complete with battle-cry accompaniment. This is just right to set the mood in battling the big tasks ahead.

I’ll Make a Man out of You – Mulan

This is the best music to listen to if you want to feel like a soldier preparing for a war. It’s suitable since most of our work is deadline-driven, so consider this as your motivational speech to take the challenge.

Guren no Yumiya – Attack on Titan

The first time I watched Attack on Titan, I repeated the opening song like three times before proceeding to the rest of the episode. The music is just too awesome to play it once. Okay, the song is in Japanese, so if you don’t want to listen to something you don’t understand, then you can pass on this. As for the others who are contented to hear great tunes or patient enough to look for the translation, savor yourself into this heart-pounding piece that will keep your blood running.

Shaider (Tagalog Version)

All Filipino children of 90’s should recognize the memorable tokusatsu series like Maskman and Shaider. What makes it more awesome that time were the tagalized versions of the opening songs. The lyrics’ translation for Shaider just describes how bad-ass he is in so many ways. Imagine comparing yourself as a thunder summoned from the heavens, durable tree under a typhoon,  and a great and noble police, how can you possibly beat that??? It can almost make you scream “I can do this!” to every obstacle that you face. Well, almost.

I have a lot more work songs that I can include, but might as well limit this post to five. Just remember, listening to music at work should help you focus more with the tasks at hand and not give you more distractions. Now, I’m curious on the songs that you guys listen to (~^_^)~