My Sources for Free Legit Games

It’s nice that video games have gone a lot cheaper now that piracy is becoming more and more of an impractical thing. A lot of gaming platforms are offering seasonal sales, especially during the last months of the year, but you know what’s better than those discounted games? Why of course, free games! I’ve been keeping track of some sites and services that offer these sweet giveaways. There was actually a time that almost everyday, I’m sharing a new link of a free game. With that, might as well just share my sources with you.

EA Origins – On The House

Origins is the gaming platform powered by EA Games. Much like Steam, but as you would expect, it caters EA published games. One thing that is special about this app though is that it has a section called On the House. Usually refreshed every month, Origins gives away a free game for all registered users. No catch, no kidding. Currently, I already got my 7th free game. They’ve given popular games such as Dead Space, Plants vs. Zombies, Battlefield 3, and Dragon Age Origins. Their download speed is pretty fast, so you don’t have to worry about installing large games in your library. Occasionally, they also give free games through a special code. That’s how I got the complete bundle of Sims 2. It may be two iterations behind of the Sims series, but given that all expansions and packages given away for free? It’s still a good deal for me! 😀

Indie Game Bundles

Indie Game Bundles is a site dedicated to bundles, sales, and of course, free games! It seems that they closely monitor all the game merchants out there from applications to bundle websites. They have a section dedicated for free games. Just carefully read the instructions on how to get them since some sites will require you to register or download their provided platform. Sometimes they also run electronic raffles for steam gifts. Raffle entries include following them at twitter, joining their steam group, and re-tweeting the raffle. Pretty good strategy to increase their popularity, but with the great deals that they’re giving, it’s just right for other gamers to learn more about them.

PC Gamer

PC Gamer is more focused with the entire PC Gaming industry.  This site is tied-up with the game magazine of the same name. They have reviews, news, and other articles about everything related to PC gaming. Like Indie Game Bundles, they share deals from other sites and platforms. Just take a look at their news section. If you’re active in facebook, then it would be better if you like their fan page.

Bundle Sites – (Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars, Indie Gala, etc.)

Bundle sites are not just for discounted prices anymore. Every once in a while, they also give free games for promotional purposes. Usually, you’ll see that at the store’s home page where the only requirement is your email address where they can send you the link or key to redeem the free game. To be honest, the two websites mentioned above would probably lead you to the bundle stores so you need not to visit that often, but I think it’s worth mentioning because if you’re a fan of bundles like me, then might as well take a closer look and maybe you’ll find a pleasant gift, waiting for you to claim. 🙂

I’m not sharing this to bloat your backlogs (though this is what’s happening to me right now LOL). It’s more of giving you alternatives, especially if you’re short on budget. This will also make you more conscious when purchasing games. If you don’t want it that bad or if you’re not playing it anytime soon, then it would be nice to re-consider your purchase and probably wait a little longer. Who knows, may be it will get a lot cheaper by the time you’re ready to play it, or better yet, it will be given for free. Until then, game on! (~^_^)~