Convenience Through Online Transactions

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Now that we’re in the information age, there are a lot of manual processes that have been improved through online transactions. By utilizing such resources, we can save time and effort that we can allocate in more productive things.  Here are some of the stuff that you can do via web:

Online Banking

Depending on your bank account, you can manage your savings online and in turn use your funds to address different financial transactions. Here are some of the services that you can avail.

  • Bills Payment – Instead of going to payment centers, why not enroll your bills to your online banking account and perform the payment there. The process may take several days for first-time payment, but after that, the succeeding payments will speed up.
  • Funds Transfer – Usually you can transfer money between accounts from the same bank. Depending on the bank’s terms, this may require an approval process from each bank account involved. This step needs to be manually processed, but the convenience it will bring afterwards is worth it.
  • Balance Inquiry – Need to check if your salary has been deposited already? Check it online and you can confirm it on the fly.
  • Transaction History – This is useful for tracking your expenses. You can view the amount of money, transaction time and place of your last bank activity.

A few banks that offer such services are BDO, BPI, and Bancnet banks.

Movie Ticket Reservation

I utilize this service a lot when it comes to movie night-outs. This approach saved us several times for securing a movie seat. My favorite is since it allows post-paid reservation. You just need to pay the tickets 45 minutes before the actual show time or else, your account will be penalized, and you have to pay the amount equivalent to the unpaid tickets. The reservation process will take you to the actual theater layout from which you can choose the specific seats to reserve. Credit card payments are also available and are more convenient since the tickets are good as paid and all you have to do is show the printed receipt at the theater entrance.  I’m not fond of credit-card transactions because of the risk of disrupting my budget and my fear of hidden charges, but it’s just me XD.
SM Cinemas also have their own online reservation system, but it’s limited to credit card or E-Plus prepaid card payment. The movie layout is only present at selected cinemas. Nevertheless, this might come in handy for exclusive releases (we used this to watch Rurouni Kenshin ^_^).

Buy & Sell + Budget Deals

For the budget savvy, there are several sites that offer buy and sell services where you can find items that are sold at a cheaper price. Good examples of such sites are sulit, ayosdito, and tipidpc. Items range from used books and gadgets up to second-hand cars and real estate properties. However, these websites don’t offer the actual payment service but rather an avenue for preliminary arrangements that may lead to an actual transaction, usually done by meet-ups. This is still useful since you can inquire more about a product and verify if it’s a good deal. You can also sell your own stuff to earn extra money. Just beware of scammers  who tries to sell non-functional or poor-quality items. To make sure that you’re dealing with a trustworthy person, see the reputation that is associated with that person’s user account (i.e. user ratings and feedback). Like in actual markets, you may experience some price haggling, and it’s up to you on how you will proceed with the deal.
Other sites promote sales and discounted deals like livingsocial and lazada. A lot of the offers are effective for a limited time only so be sure to check these sites often to look for budget deals.

There are a lot more online services out there that you can utilize for your transactions. If you’re planning of buying something or making some routine payments, check the sites associated with these items, and maybe you can find more convenient ways to do these things. Just remember, you should do this to save time and effort and not to exhaust your resources. Hmm maybe a blog post about money saving would be useful (~^_^)~