A Retrospect on My Goals for 2013

This is my 28th time to write here. You’ll know by the end of this post why I suddenly said that. Anyway, like some of my fellow bloggers, I want to write a review of my goals for the past year. It’s usual to say that a lot of things happened (after all it’s 365 days, it will be pretty sad if you can’t find any significant moments in that span of time), but I can say that a LOT more had happened compared to the previous years. We moved in to a new place twice, I had a new job, I became an educator, and the list goes on. Well tackling all those events will result into a novel if I write about it, so let’s keep things simple and focus on my last year’s goal instead XD.

1) Learn a New Skill

I learned a lot of new things in my field, hobbies, interests and everything in between, but if I have to be strict that it has to be something really new, I should say it’s… swimming. One colleague of mine (actually one of my producers back in Anino Games) patiently taught me how to swim during our last company outing. I’m kinda embarrassed to learn this in a later age (I’m 27 years old and I don’t mind saying that XD) but it’s better than never learning at all. The only problem is, I’m not sure if I’ll remember this the next time I go to a beach or a resort. So to my colleague of mine, thank you very much. You helped me attain one of my goals ^_^.

2) Bring My Ideas To Life

I fulfilled this twice through OneGameAMonth and Global Game Jam. Too bad, I only completed three games for one game a month, please spare my early withdrawal. Being a game, developer, teacher, blogger, gamer won’t cut through for a one-year game development challenge. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the short ride. As for the game jam, it’s a fun experience to meet new amazing developers and witnessing their one-of-a-kind creations. All these works done in 48 hours or less. Sadly, I’ll probably pass for this year since I’m adjusting with my new job. I’m not closing my doors. If I find my groove, I might change my mind. I still have several days to think about it. By the way, anyone willing to volunteer as my 2D artist just in case? 😀

3) Decrease excessive work and increase time for fun

Last year, I significantly decreased my overtime work, which is a good thing. Then, circumstances pushed me to find a second job, and so I craved for free time again (-_-‘). That’s actually the reason why I looked for a job that’s output-based and if possible, work-from-home. I was fortunate enough that my desired job setup found me (yep I got the offer, but the admission was not a “walk in the park”). I definitely enjoyed my previous jobs, it’s just that I reached the point where I want more freedom in handling my time and do stuff in a schedule that I prefer. This is one of the things that I’m most thankful for the past year.

4) Join and Win Some Contests

To be honest, I’m not that convinced that I pulled this off. First contest I joined was the Global Game Jam which I lost. I had a lot of fun though, and the competition was really tough. I’m still happy that I was able to create the game almost all by myself. I asked for help for the sound effects, but other than that, I pushed everything on my own. My colleagues in Anino actually won the jury’s choice, so kudos to them. They really made a well-polished game in the span of 48 hours.  It was totally impressive.
There’s this one contest in Game Career Guide called Game Design Challenge. This happens every two weeks wherein they give a specific theme, and the participants will propose a game idea based on that. I joined twice this year and well… this and this happened. If you’re into making game ideas of your own, I encourage you to try this. Other than the chance to win (no prize at all, mind you), the chosen entries are also fun to read.

5) Start a Blog

Yeah, 28 posts and counting! This blog is actually a product of my goals for 2013. Last year, I thought, “I love to write, and I come up with ideas out of thin air, so why not start a blog?”.  Just like any hobby or activity that you dive into, you experience the peak of your enthusiasm, so I started with a fast pace. Gradually, it slowed down since it takes a lot of time, and I already mentioned the things that I had to attend to last year. This time, I plan to make it more frequent since I have more control of my time now. I actually have a lot of pending posts that I want to publish, but I’ll take it one step at a time so as not to lose the motivation and suffer another slow pace. At the end of 2013, this blog of mine is one of the things that gave me such fulfillment. No matter how few people have read my posts, I’ll continue to write more, so cheers! More ironfiftynine for 2014!

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