Random Quote – A Mindset That Will Save Your Precious Time

Painting from Totems Exhibit – Brian Barr and Lauren Rice (http://voxpopuligallery.org/exhibitions/totems/)

I’m not fond of arguing with other people, and it’s not because I don’t stand for what I know is right. If it’s for a sensible and enriching exchange of thoughts, then I’m all for it. It’s just that, what I usually notice in such scenarios is that each one listens to think of their rebuttal and not to understand the other party. For me, it’s not worth it to consume my non-renewable resource to an endless spiral of criticism with the lack of open mind. Of course, you can’t totally control your emotions, which can get heightened depending on the words you hear, but at the very least, you can be aware about it, and when you do, get back to your senses and know what it’s worth. I believe the key here is to really start listening and respect each other’s differences (morals, values, culture, beliefs, and everything in between) without compromising your self-respect.

Mobile Applications For Keeping Track of Important Stuff

I’ve been using a handful of applications to aid me in my productivity, especially now that I have a home-based job. These are some of the tools that I use to keep track of my stuff from shopping lists to task durations.

Keeping Track of Item Lists (ColorNote)

This compact application works like a virtual sticky note. You can create a plain text document or a checklist. I use the latter more frequently since it’s quite handy for easy-to-setup list which I can cross-out one by one like when I need to shop for some items, check the people who already paid for our movie nights, update accomplished daily tasks, and the list goes on. The notes can come in different colors so you can define your own color-coding scheme in organizing your notes. It also comes with a widget that you can pin in your device’s home screen so you can easily be reminded of the lists that you made.

Google Play: http://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.socialnmobile.dictapps.notepad.color.note

Keeping Track of Notes (Evernote)

Even though ColorNote can be used for note-taking, there’s a reason why Evernote can be a better choice. It’s most powerful feature is synching your notes between mobile devices, computers, and even web. Thus, maximizing your notes’ accessibility. It also comes with the basic formatting tools like font styles, bullet points, tables, etc. The notes are organized into notebooks so you keep similar or related info intact. You can also add tags for faster searching. I use this app to write some notes when I’m reading a book, when an idea came into my mind that I don’t want to lose track, and when I’m creating some meeting minutes.

Official Website: http://evernote.com/
Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evernote&hl=en
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/ph/app/evernote/id281796108?mt=8

Keeping Track of Habits and Tasks (HabitRPG)

One of the best forms of Gamification that I’ve seen so far. As the name suggests, its primary goal is to build some habits that you desire to learn for yourself as well as other tasks that you want to be reminded on, all of it incorporated in RPG mechanics. Basically, you play a character that has different attributes and items. You improve your stats by gaining experience points and buying better equipment. The quests are represented as tasks, which are categorized into three types namely Habits, Dailies, and To-Do’s. In Habits, you can increase the point (if you succeeded to do the habit) rewarding you with coins and experience points or decrease the point, penalizing you with HP deduction. Dailies are repeating tasks that you need to allot to specific days of the week, you’ll get the same rewards as habits and your HP gets deducted for each item that you fail to complete for the current day. Lastly, To-Do’s are just like Dailies except that you have an optional deadline instead of assigning days. With this webapp, I was able to build the habit of drinking 8 glasses of water a day (it’s about time), create a more consistent schedule for working on my side-project, and list the things that I need to do for a particular trip.

Officiial website: https://habitrpg.com

Keeping Track of Work Time and In-Between Breaks (Breaker)

Usually, people tend to expect that they’ll accomplish more by working several hours straight with no break in-between, but actually, it’s quite the opposite. You have to take breaks periodically in order to be more productive. With this, you can use the application called Breaker to schedule work and break times. Save yourself from RSI, eye strains, and other potential harm brought by sitting in from of the computer for long hours. Better yet, do some stretching exercises during your breaks.

Official Website: http://davidevitelaru.com/software/breaker/

Maybe you’re wondering why personal financial budgets were not included here. Well, I already wrote an entire blog post about that, so if you’re interested, you can check it out. 🙂
As much as technology is giving us more forms of entertainment and more avenues for convenience, I highly recommend that we also utilize it to increase our productivity and aid us for self-betterment. Until next time! Wohooo! One new quest completed for my HabitRPG. (~^_^)~