Some Articles that Prove the Greatness of Mothers

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there! Such is the greatness that they possess. From carrying us in their womb until raising us to the point that we reach our maturity and become independent to decide for our own path, she’s with us in every step of the way . To further recognize how awesome they are, I compiled some set of articles that prove how tough but at the same time compassionate they can be.

  • Moms Who Have Risked it All To Save Their Kids (WOMANSDAY.COM)
    • Mothers will do everything to ensure the safety of their kids. The stories found in this article literally proved as moms featured in this article bravely faced criminals, fierce animals, and even the force of nature just to save their kids. One of the stories involves one mother taking five bullets to protect her daughter from being shot by a robber. Another amazing story is the middle-aged mother who was able to lift a car four-inches above the ground and held it up in order for the neighbors to pull her son who was trapped underneath.  The story that really struck me features a mom covering her daughters as their house crumbles over a tornado strike. The children survived at the cost of losing their very loving mother who was willing to risk her life for them.
  • 21 Inspirational Stories That Prove Moms are Superheroes (MASHABLE.COM)
    • Mashable asked its community to share their inspirational moments with  their moms. All 21 stories really made a mark on how a mother can touch her sons’ and daughters’ lives by being a good example or gracefully facing the challenges with their heads held up high. One mother fought against cancer defying the doctor’s restriction from pregnancy. Her daughter is now 23-years-old, living healthy and enjoying her company. Another one was able to compose herself in the midst of losing her husband two weeks after having her first granddaughter. If that wasn’t enough, she was also in the middle of an election for a commissioner position in her hometown, and she won. One entry actually came from the Philippines. It was about a mother who sewed her children’s uniforms all night during the time that they were studying. As her daughter said, it was made from love.
  • Five Remarkable Animal Moms (WORLDWILDLIFE.ORG)
    • The greatness of mothers can also be seen outside of our own specie. Animals too have bonds between a mother and her young. From orangutans to emperor penguins, the mothers teach their children the skills needed for survival like hunting and building shelter. They stay with them for a period of time ensuring their safety. When the right time comes, they set them off to learn to live on their own. This serves as a reminder that if animal mothers can show such compassion, what more can a human mother do.

I hope all of you can find some quality time with your mother, not only during mother’s day, but for any chances you have. Twenty-two hours of labor and years of love and guidance is more than enough for you to give back the compassion they rightfully deserve.

Just like the daughters and sons in the articles above, I’m blessed with a great mother. My mom sacrificed a lot for us to graduate in College and is continuing to help us in anything we need in spite of our shortcomings. I learned a lot of valuable lessons to her. The most important one would be that there is no perfect life, and you have to find your way to accept it and be happy regardless of the circumstances. No wonder she stays strong after all the hardships that our family had experienced. So to my amazing mother, Happy Mother’s Day! (~^_^)~

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! 🙂

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