Iron59’s NBI Clearance Adventures

Last May 14, I applied for an NBI clearance as part of my requirements for my part-time teaching job. Prior to that date, I successfully booked my application online, so what I’m supposed to do is just go straight to the Biometrics for record input and then wait for my clearance to be printed (Btw, I chose Robinsons Galleria as the satellite station). Easy right? No. Not in my case. I’m a RA7687 DOST scholar, and part of the bond of that scholarship is to render years of service under Philippine-based companies equivalent to the number of years that I’ve benefited from the program (so that’s 4 years for me).  I can’t work outside the country until my bond has been cleared. With this, the NBI will monitor my status and conduct an interview for verification. So guess what. I got a hit, and I have an appointment on May 27 to claim my clearance. That’s 13 days from the day of my application. I’m frustrated that it takes that long, but it’s not my first time to experience that, so I moved on and waited for that day to arrive.

Tip: As you can see, even though I’m just applying for local employment, I still got a hit. Same goes for you if you’re a DOST Scholar. Moreover, even if you’re already cleared with your bond (I am), you still have to give a copy of the clearance letters to NBI and DFA (No, I haven’t done that until now).

>>> Fast Forward: May 27 – 9:15 AM, Barangay 137 Barangay Hall

Before going back to Robinsons, I applied for a Barangay Clearance and guess what. I got it under ten minutes. Man, I wish the NBI clearance was as easy as that!

Barangay Clearance Baby!

Barangay Clearance Baby!

>>> Fast Forward: May 27 – 10:10 AM, Robinsons Galleria NBI Satellite Station

I passed my receipt to the counter for releasing. This is exciting. I’ll finally get my clearance and then proceed to school to complete my requirements. Wait for it! Wait for it!

NBI Staff: Sir, kailangan niyong pumunta sa NBI Main for interview.
[Sir, you need to go to NBI Main for an interview]

>>> Fast Forward: May 27 – 11:15 AM, Robinsons Galleria NBI Satellite Station

I just checked the directions, ate my lunch, then off I go. Since I’m in a rush to catch up with the school’s schedule, I just rode a taxi to Monumento station. Then this happened…

Taxi Driver: Bakit ka mag-LRT?
[Why take the LRT?]

Me: *Confused Face*

Taxi Driver: Mangingitim ka.
[Your skin will be darker]

Me: *Laughs* (Sounds like a joke, but I don’t get it)

Taxi Driver: Kasi dadaloy yung kuryente sa riles, papunta sa gulong, tapos diretso sa pasahero. Paglabas niyo, maitim na kayo.
[Because electricity is flowing in the rail tracks, then it will travel through the wheels, then straight to the passengers. By the time you get out, your skin will be darker.]

Me: *Laughs* (I wish I didn’t get the joke)

Taxi Driver: *Points at Sarah G’s Chickenjoy billboard* Yang babaeng yan, kain ng kain ng manok, may buni na yan.
[That woman eats chicken so much, she already has ringworm]

Me: *Laughs* (Are we there yet?)

Finally reached the station.

Taxi Driver: Pagbaba mo, yakapin mo yung babaeng yun o.
[Hug that woman when you get off the car]

Wow, he managed to crack one more joke before I got off. Good thing the travel time was not that long.

>>> Fast Forward: May 27 – 1:00 PM, Taft Ave. NBI New Building

In the Quality Control Area, I just followed the instructions to write my full name on the back of the receipt then leave it in the box for processing. I find this a very flawed process since putting your receipt ahead of others will reward you with later processing since others receipts will pile up on top of your own. Makes sense?  Anyway, it’s fortunate that  we’re only a few applicants at that moment. After about ten minutes, my name was called, so I went inside the interview room.

NBI Interviewer: DOST Scholar ka?
[Are you a DOST Scholar?]

Me: Opo

NBI Interviewer: Anong course mo?
[What’s your course?]

Me: Computer Science po.

NBI Interviewer: Cleared ka na ba?
[Are you cleared already?]

Me: Opo. *Gives the clearance letter*
[Yes *Gives the clearance letter*]

NBI Interviewer: *Looks at the clearance letter*

Me: Di na po ba ako magkaka-hit pagkasubmit ko sa inyo niyan?
[Does that mean I won’t get a hit anymore after submitting that?]

NBI Interviewer: Pwede pa rin.
[There’s still a chance]

NBI Interviewer: Naiipon kasi yung mga records, kaya inaabot ng taon bago ma process.
[The records get piled up, so it takes years to process]

Me: Ah ganun po ba?
[Is that so?]

NBI Interviewer: 1:45, pwede mo nang kunin yung clearance mo.
[You can get your clearance by 1:45 PM]

Tip: Whatever type of government documents you’re applying for, NEVER forget to bring a pen. One woman near me borrowed a pen from another stranger and more than the pen, she received a sermon XD.

Tip: After placing your receipt in the box and it was collected for processing, be patient and wait for your name to be called. Bothering the collector will just make her grumpy and make things more inconvenient to other applicants. So please do yourself and the other applicants a favor.

That’s it. That 2-minute conversation was 13 days in the making. Haha, just kidding. The hundreds of  applicants who got a hit and the time it takes to find my records might have led me to these several days of waiting. And so after 30 minutes…

>>> Fast Forward: May 27 – 1:45 PM, Taft Ave. NBI New Building

It can't get more satisfying than this!

It can’t get more satisfying than this!

THE END (~^_^)~

The Difference Between a Leader and a Boss

For a while, I thought that leader and boss were two interchangeable words. It was until my training in CAT (and later in ROTC) that I became acquainted with the significant difference between the two.

Inspire employees vs. Drive employees

A true leader sets a good example to his/her subordinates. They follow a leader out of respect and inspiration, hoping someday they can follow his/her footsteps. Meanwhile, a boss uses force to make people move according to that person’s will. People follow him/her out of fear.

“A leader leads by example, not by force” – Sun Tzu

Cares for your well-being vs. Cares for your productivity level

A leader ensures that team’s goals are achieved without sacrificing the welfare  of his/her team members. A leader recognizes that the members have their needs, not pushing them to the point of disrupting their well-being. A boss? Well, all he/she cares about is the team’s output regardless of a member’s condition or situation. A boss doesn’t care if each of them has to sacrifice time, resources, and energy if that’s what it takes to get the job done.

Says “We” vs. Says “I”

A leader works as part of the team and not just a mere commander or navigator. A leader takes pride on what the collective body had accomplished and does not take the credit for himself/herself. A boss, greedily accepts all compliments for his/her namesake and plays the blame game for each team’s mistake.

Asks vs. Orders

The leader recognizes the capability of the team to formulate solutions and ask them for recommendations. He/she gives enough freedom to the team to choose what track to take in order to resolve issues or complete a goal and not base it to his/her preference alone. A boss plainly gives a decision after hearing the problem.

Show How It’s Done vs. Know How It’s Done

A leader passes his/her valuable knowledge to the team members. A leader does not fear of being surpassed by sharing wisdom among the team since his/her primary goal is to train them so that one day, they become good leaders themselves. A boss may brag about achievements but never teaches the members on how it’s done. The boss sees everyone as a threat to his/her position, so he keeps all the information to himself/herself.

Makes Work a Game vs. Makes Work a Drudgery

A leader motivates the entire team to fulfill a common goal and treats each task as a challenge, an opportunity for each member to step up and continuously improve. A boss, with force as his/her sole tool, tends to inflict suffering  among the team members. The journey towards this goal is agonizing and in the end, all the members feel exhausted instead of fulfilled.

“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. ” – John Quincy Adams

Any organization, country or collective body needs a good leader in order for it to succeed. It needs more than orders; it needs actions. It needs more than authority; it needs responsibility.

I hope that this election, you voted for who you think are the people that will lead us to a more progressive and responsibly-free country. Kudos to all of you who voted and participated to create a change. You can be a leader by example. (~^_^)~

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The Irony of Age

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Sometimes, I rant about not having enough time to do the things that I want. Then, I remember this irony about age. Young people have time and energy but no money. Adults have energy and money, but no time. Old people have time and money, but no energy. It’s quite frustrating but the least I can do is enjoy the things that I have right now and plan on how to improve my lifestyle every single day.