One Game A Month? Challenge Accepted!

One of my goals for this year was to bring my (game) ideas to life. I’m now working for a video game company which is my dream job, but I love to develop on my own game ideas, so I join game jams and other contests as much as possible. My co-worker who is also dedicated in joining game jams alternatdev introduced me to a site called onegameamonth. As the name suggests, your goal here is to make one game per month, so you must consider the time constraint when developing your own game. Make sure that you design your game to fit with the amount of spare time you have.


There are none, and that’s the beauty of it. The founder McFunkypants intended to make this a fun activity, and he sees no fun in policing each participant, so he decided to trust each of them (yep that includes me). You have complete freedom in choosing your own tools to develop your game and even the target platform. In fact, you’re not prohibited to venture outside the realm of video games. You can also create card games, pen and paper games, board games, whatever type of medium you prefer, as long as it can be identified as a game. Porting and sequels can also be considered as a new game, so if it makes it convenient for you, then you can choose this development path.

Ownership of the Game

You own the copyright of the game. You can sell it outside if you want or monetize it in any way you see possible. The games can be distributed outside the site. The entries may also come from your previous game jams like the one I made last Global Game Jam which served as my January entry.

User Profile

You need a twitter account to join the challenge. Your games will be posted, separated by month. The activity has its own gamification system such that each participant has a set of achievements fulfilled by specific user actions. The achievements range from a simple profile update to submitting games for several consecutive months. Your profile also has its own level, which increases by gathering experience points from achievements that you unlock. Isn’t that cool? (~^_^)~.  You can even post for other roles that you need for your game. If you’re lucky enough, someone from the community might offer his or her help.

Some of the achievements that are available as a participant

A User Profile in OneGameAMonth has a record of achievements fulfilled by completing some user actions and submitting your games.


To be honest, I’m having a hard time keeping up with the tight schedule. After all, I have a full-time job, a blog, and some contests to participate. However, the satisfaction of finishing a new game and the improvement it brings to my game development skills are enough to keep me motivted until my twelfth game.

2 comments on “One Game A Month? Challenge Accepted!

  1. skysenshi says:

    Kamusta naman. Leave some relaxation time for yourself din.

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