An Art Exhibit in the Eyes of a Non-artist

The second week of February marks the start of  UP (University of the Philippines) Fair, but I learned that the UP Diliman College of Fine Arts are having a fair of its own showcasing the talents of the students as a celebration for Fine Arts week. I was able to visit the exhibit last Wednesday and even though I have no solid background in the field of art, I don’t think it’s necessary to recognize the beauty of such artworks. An artist told me about art appreciation, being able to look at an artwork and forming an opinion out of it. It is subjective and there is no wrong or right way of interpretation. With this, let me give you some of my thoughts while viewing these works.

Fear of Abstract

Before attending the exhibit, I was worried that most of the paintings that I’ll see there will be abstract art. I fear that I won’t comprehend the message that the artwork is trying to convey. My other option is to check the technique and materials used, but one artist told me that the common misconception about abstract art is that it’s so simple to do. To execute it properly, one must have a keen eye for composition, color balancing, and other stuff (sorry, the other stuff registered to me as jargons XD) such that each part fits desirably with each other. Well , I don’t have such eyes, so I settled with having my own perspective on what I think are abstract artworks. Actually, some of them have descriptions, so I wasn’t entirely clueless with what the painting is trying to tell me.

What I see in this painting is a zoomed-in view of a man’s beard after licking an ice cream.

Artist: Nathan Santos

Title: Oops I licked it
Artist: Nathan Santos

I had fun with this artwork after identifying an image of a face with his or her tongue shown to catch the falling grapes. Can you see it too? 🙂

Artist: Ian Quimbo

Title: Food of the Dogs
Artist: Ian Quimbo

Since this is entitled In Birth, I suppose this is an image of a fetus.  The part that I find interesting in this artwork is the use of lottery tickets and receipts for his materials.

Artist: Anthony Sierra

Title: In Birth Artist:
Anthony Sierra

Precision in Free Form

I’m impressed with some of the artworks that were precisely drawn without using any measurement tools. This is the first thing I observed probably because as a programmer, I implement and check the position of each component present in a software or a game.  I can only imagine doing such things in Photoshop or other graphics software, but these artists were able to do it with only their eyes as the ruler.

I imagine doing this in Photoshop and duplicating a layer to place it in different positions. However, this artist is on an entirely different league. It’s as if each image of the shoe were measured before it was drawn. This is just amazing.

Artist: Amboochi

Title: Hype
Artist: Amboochi

The first time I saw this two-sided painting, I would like to spin it and see what happens, but of course, I can’t do that, so I took the liberty to animate it in Photoshop. Notice that the two images are nearly (if not exactly) the same in position. I think this is not easy for something that is completely hand drawn. Impressive.

Artist: Anna Leah Aldaba

Title: Stand Still
Artist: Anna Leah Aldaba


Animated using Adobe Photoshop CS5. Click to load animation.
Size: 6.39 MB

This, in my opinion, is one of the artworks that has the most difficult execution. I can’t imagine how the heck did the artist visualized the intersecting lines in order to form an image.  I can only see this possible by using a 3D graphics software (using wireframes).
This artwork is magnificent, hands down m(_ _)m.

Artist: Genavee Lazaro

Title: Nails and Threads
Artist: Genavee Lazaro

There’s Pop!

I was surprised that some of the artworks were referenced from popular media like novels, movies, and cartoons. I find this as the most relaxing part of my viewing since I don’t have to think of anything, I just need to relate the artwork from its inspiration. Don’t get me wrong, I really love the other artworks, but these parts gave me the breather that I need to digest more of the non-pop ones.

Look! It’s Jack Frost!

Artist: Daniella Dy-Liacco

Title: Jack Frost
Artist: Daniella Dy-Liacco

What time is it? Alphabet Time!

Artist: Jobi Gutierez

Title: Alphabet Time
Artist: Jobi Gutierez

I really had fun with this one. From my favorite love story – Densha Otoko

Artist: Minty Contreras

Title: Chance Densha Otoko
Artist: Minty Contreras

In the end, it was a fun-filled learning experience. I encourage you to try it yourself. Maybe you’ll find something more than I did or maybe something different. It may even unlock an artist within you. Just remember when you visit an art exhibit, relax and see what you see. Again, it’s art appreciation. You form your own vision about the artwork, so might as well have fun doing it (~^_^)~. More pictures that I’ve taken from the exhibit can be found here.

Special thanks to all the artists and art enthusiasts who shared their knowledge on this topic. Your help is much appreciated.

Next Post: Do people understand the things that you do to follow your dream or passion?

5 comments on “An Art Exhibit in the Eyes of a Non-artist

  1. skysenshi says:

    You seemed to have enjoyed the fair. Sana next time may time ako. Hahaha!

  2. Janna says:

    felix-sama, sabihan mo rin ako pag may exhibit ulit. ^_^

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